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i'm working on getting my art up- but i'm having some trouble....

a random story by me. NO STEALING!

this is what i think.

In the beginning, there were two sister ponies. One was made of light, the other of shadows. They lived happily for a long time, but after a while they got bored. So they worked together and made a beautiful world. But there was something missing. They pondered what it could be. The birds were perfect, the flowers were perfect, everything was perfect. Then one of them, the light one, realized why they were so bored. They had no one else to talk to. So together they made two small, baby Alicorns, who look like them. The first one, a girl, was named Brightness. The second one, a boy, was named Darkness. They grew up together and lived happily with their mothers. One day, brightness asked her mother id she could have a child. The light pony granted her wish, and Brightness gave birth to a beautiful baby Alicorn. Her name was to be Faust. Brightness and Darkness raised the beautiful girl. It was soon discovered that Faust had powers like her grandmother. This angered the shadows, who thought only her and her sister could have magic. So the shadows tried to kill the young girl. Brightness and Darkness try to stop the shadows, but she won’t listen. She can’t control herself. Brightness and Darkness are killed. The shadows find the young girl. But the light had bonded with the young girl, making her more powerful. The light and Faust combined defeated the darkness. Realizing what she had done, the darkness hid from her sister, somewhere far away. The Light and Faust lived happily for many years. After a while, Faust decided to make a baby alicorn to help her rule. Her name was Celestia. Then, she later made another alicorn, to also help her. This one’s name was Luna. Faust also created three new breeds of pony. The unicorns, the pegisi, and the earth ponies. They all live in harmony for many years. On the other side of the world, where the light could not reach, the shadows made herself some new children. Their names where Chrysalis, Sombra, and Discord. One day, the shadows learned of her sister’s family of so many ponies, and she got jealous. She sent her son Sombra, the eldest, to destroy her kingdom. But he was defeated by Faust’s daughters, and trapped so the shadow could not reach him. In a rage, she took over the younger daughter of Faust, and used her to attack Faust and Celestia. But Celestia defeated her younger sister, and both Luna and the shadows were trapped in the moon. the light's name was yin, and the shadow's name was yang.

no stealing!

I Like MLP: FiM Stamp by Firey-Flamy harrypotter by arielalvart

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